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Admissions Calendar 2019/2020 for the Faculty of Medicine English Program and for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Calendar of the University decision processing include three options: I / II / III

I – offering the place at the respectful Faculty – Conditional offer

*APPLICANT receives Conditional Acceptance Letter from PMU

*Applicant has 7 days to confirm the offered place and upload confirmation of payment for pre-courses ( 650,00 EURO) [same way you already did with application fee]

*Upon confirmation of the place and payment Applicant receives :
- 3 codes for obligatory on-line pre-courses (one for physics; one for biology; one for chemistry)
- individual schedule for delivering the required documents to the Dean’s Office

*Applicant receives Certification of Enrollment and becomes a STUDENT from the 1st of October

Decisions will be sent:
- 25.07.2019
- 02.08.2019
- 13.08.2019

II – Wait –List – if you were not conditionally accepted and not failed either:

If your ranking place is close to the limit of offered seats for a given Program, you might have a chance to be accepted.

Please check your inbox on daily basis within these time frames.

Decisions will be sent:
- 05.08.2019
- 14.08.2019
- 19.08.2019

III – Rejection – several reasons may result in a negative decision towards the applicant; usually it means that overall rank score achieved was insufficient to grant admission in current intake.
Improve your grades – apply next year.
Decisions will be sent 25.07 -20.08.2019

16 Jul 2019