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All prospective students are guaranteed a place in PMU Dormitory for the duration of orientation week. Prospective students wishing to stay in Dormitory during the academic year are requested to contact Dormitory staff about any possibilities of accommodation in October and onwards. All other prospective students are advised to look for an accommodation in a private sector as the places in Dormitory are limited.

Price: 43,20 PLN / 54 PLN per bed (same price applies regardless whether you will be staying in a single-room, double or trible-bedroom, and regardless whether you will be accommodated in Dorm-3 or Dorm-5).

Payment for your stay in PMU Dorm is to be paid directly at the Dorm. Payment for accommodation is a seperate payment and is not included in the pre-courses fee.


Dorm-5 "Eskulap":

Address: Dorm-3: ul. Dunikowskiego 2

                    tel:       +48-91-441-4001

              Dorm-5: ul. Dunikowskiego 6

                     tel:       +48-91-441-4301         


Please note:

  • There will be no possibility of staying in PMU Dormitories during the last week of September!
  • If you decide not to participate in the orientation week, you may request a stay in PMU Dorms (please e-mail the Admissions Office)
  • You are welcome to arrive to Dorms as early as mid-August and stay there until the 3rd week of September
  • Dorms are open 24/7 so you may arrive very early or late during the weekday or weekend
  • Upon arrival you will be expected to show your ID document (national card or passport)
  • All rooms come with bed linens (bed sheets, pillows, quilts) so you do not need to bring your own (unless you have your favourite pillow or blanket you like to sleep with ;) )
  • Dorm-5 is equipped with fridges, electric pots, microwave ovens
  • If you are planning to cook your own meals, please bring your own utensils (pot/s, pan/s, cutlery, plate/s, etc.)