Szczecin - getting around

Public transport

Buses and trams

You may find journey planner useful in planning your trip around Szczecin. This planner helps you to find nearby bus or tram stops, tells you which line you should use and when to change in order to get from A to B, as well as provides estimated average travel time. Journey planner is also available on Andoid OS.

Trains (PKP)

Trains timetable can be checked in advance under PKP website. PKP timetable is also available on various mobile platforms.


All successfully enrolled candidates will be given their Student Cards at the beginning of the academic year. Student Card allows 50% discount for all means of public transport (bus, tram, train*), as well as some discount at selected stores, clubs and events.

* Discount for PKP - age limit applies (student may not be older than 26).