Printing your application form

Below, you will find a short walkthrough on how to print your application form.

Application form in a physical form is one of the documents required to be submitted by the "conditonally enrolled" applicants.

Remember: When you print your application form, please make sure to sign each page. If you are minor at the day of submission of your application, please have your parent or other legal guardian to also sign the application form.

Double-sided print-out is preferred.

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In order to print your application form:

  • Choose "My application" from the menu on the left.
  • "View" your application.


  • Whilst viewing your application, select "Print" option found on the top of your application.


  • A new window will pop up with pre-selected (ticked) all options. Untick "Documents" as print-out of your uploaded documents is not needed.


  • Staple your application form pages (if there is more than 1) and sign each page that contains your data.