1. Educational criteria

Selection criteria:

In order to qualify for consideration, the following EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS must be met:


1. We take into consideration the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.

2. One of the above-mentioned subjects must be taught on an advanced level (2 school years/ 4 semesters minimum).

3. One out of remaining subjects must be taught on a basic level (1 school year/ 2 semesters minimum).

4. In case you have been taught all 4 subjects, the highest final exam grade of the two subjects out of four will be taken into consideration.


1. Final grade in two required subjects must be positive (lowest passing grade).

2. Asklepios Program candidates are expected to have their Numerus Clausus on Abitur not lower than 2.7. Lower NCs will not be considered.

3. IB prospective graduates are expected to be eligible for being awarded a diploma. In case the transcript says "Diploma Not Awarded" the candidate is considered not eligible for admission.

4. Candidate proving education in only "(Natural) Science," "Science: Double Award" or any other subject being a combination of more than one subject required is expected to provide syllabi of the course upon Commissions request.

5. Final grade means: exam grade; if no exam grade is present on your certificate, then the year's end grade is considered or last semester grade (depending on which one is shown on your certificate).

6. We will not be calculating average grade from combination of different grades in the same subject (e.g: average from 2-4 semesters, average from year end grade + exam grade, etc.).

7. High School Diploma should not contain any negative/failing grade.


1. UK and Irish 2024 graduates are expected to upload the following (before the registration period expires):

- a formal statement from school showing predicted grades in the exams you are going to take

- a formal statement from school showing the date when your final exams results will be available. Based on that date you will be given an individual deadline to upload a formal certificate showing the results you have achieved in your GCSE or GCE exams.

Formal means stamped and signed by relevant school authorities. Screenshots, scans of plain print-outs or log-in details are not accepted.

- NB! Statements of provisional results from 2023 or earlier will not be accepted! Candidate is expected to provide proper GCSE or GCE certificate.

2. IB 2024 graduates are expected to upload their formal IB transcript before the registration period expires. The transcript may be issued by IBO or by your school. If it is the latter one, please be sure to have your transcript signed and stamped. Plain online results printout or other forms of showing results are not accepted.

3. Additional documents proving an education in the subjects required:

- college/university transcripts are accepted if they list basic sciences we require (not Anatomy, not Microbiology etc.)

- certificates of completion of pre-medical courses are accepted if they list basic sciences we require (not Anatomy, not Microbiology etc.)

Please remember that each document uploaded must be a scan of an original document, must be accompanied with a sworn translation (in case it was issued in other language than Polish or English), and must have the formal grading scale also explained (in case it is not present on the document you intend to apply with). Furthermore, the course must award a final grade, meaning that "pass" or "completed" result will not be considered.