UPDATE: Orientation week and integration trip

Schedule for the Orientation Days Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry first year students in 2022/2023

Dear 1st year Prospective Student of English and Asklepios Programs of PUM in 22/23, please find below the explanation of the upcoming activities.

The ORIENTATION DAYS are scheduled from 20.09.2022 till 24.09.2022

The predicted Schedule for the first day, you may find at:
however minor changes are not precluded.

First meeting 20.09.2022 is scheduled for you with the Dean of the respective major and the Dean’s Office Staff. Meeting point Rectorate building at Rybacka street 1. Due to pandemic restrictions such a meeting will be repeated twice. The group division is according to the alphabet. N1 = last names from A to G . N2 = H – N; N3 = O – Z.
Rules and Regulations of studies will be explained.

You have to start the obligatory on-line courses on Physics, Biology and Chemistry from the 7th of September 2022. We will send you three codes for the on-line individual preparation. Last day of this obligatory course 07.10.2022. One hour of F2F classes is scheduled for each group and for every subject starting from 21.09.2022. You will have the possibility to ask question to your Tutor about the on-line course, difficult tasks or extra material on the subject. During the whole semester you will be using these books. The result of the final pre-courses test on each subject will be taken under consideration by your tutors in the end of the winter semester during the evaluation of your student’s progress.

The program of the Orientation days is not limited to Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Also you will have:
-Polish language classes;
-Physical Education classes;
-How to Study Medicine course;
-Library course. You have to learn how to use it. One hour is planned for you to visit the Main Library of the University. You will learn how to access the resources both on-line and on spot.
- Trip around Szczecin;
- Integration trip (Friday or Saturday) – last day of the Orientation Days. We will take all the persons who answered the poll, to spend one day together. Transportation and food will be provided. The integration trip is planned to happen on the fresh air. Even if rain happens – just choose the proper clothing. The aim of the trip – to make as many new friends as possible.

Week after the Orientation days is free from any school activities. A proper time to find your new “home” here in Szczecin.

Inauguration Day 03.10.2022. So called Rector’s Day – traditionally no classes for the students.

Regular classes start from the 4th of October 2022 according to the schedule prepared for each group for winter semester 22/23. So called TIMETABLES are to be published at the Dean’s Office web page mid-September.

Please check Admissions Office web page for updates.

26 Aug 2022